Vela, Guajira, Colombia. These trips are different to the normal touristic tours. With us you can experience a cultural adventure. You will know the indigenous population Wayuu, their traditions, their food and handicraft as well as one of the most important kite spots in Colombia. You can enjoy nearly the whole year perfect wind conditions, Caribbean climate, white and sandy beaches, turquoise water, an incredible wildlife in the virgin ocean and a completely natural atmosphere without any industry. We offer rooms with water, private bathrooms and electricity or the more adventurous way in hammocks, made by the locals Wayuu.  

Basic personalized Kite lessons include:

Complete package:

Ø 8 hours of personalized instruction: 393 US$
Ø Kite, board, harness, helmet, life jacket, shoes, lycra, radio
Ø Accommodations:
·        Tent: 8 US$ per person
·        Hammock wayuu: 8 US$ per night
·        Room with private bathroom and double bed: 28 US$ per night  
Ø Food
·        Breakfast: 4,50 US$ (scrambled eggs, ray cocktail)
·        Lunch: 8 US$
·         Dinner: 8 US$ (red porgy, shrimp rice, garlic shrimps…)
·        Lobster: 17 US$
Ø Transport:
·        Pick up at the nearest airport Rioacha, from there in car to el Cabo
·        Meeting point in Barranquilla or Santa Marta, from there in car to el Cabo  
Ø Entertainment:
·        Volley Playa
·        Snorkeling
·        Party games
Ø Additional:
·        Trips to Pilón, wind farm, Punta Gallina (northern spot of South America)
·        Fishing
·        Diving (advanced announcement)

Curso básico personalizado de Kiteboarding incluye:

Paquete completo:
Ø 8 horas de instrucción personalizada: $700.000 
Ø Kite, tabla, harnes, casco, chaleco salvavidas, zapatos, licra y radio 
Ø alojamiento: 
·        carpa $15.000 por persona
·        chinchorro wayuu $15.000 la noche
·        habitación con baño privado y cama doble: $50.000 la noche
Ø   comidas:
·         desayuno: $8.000 (heuvos revueltos, salpicón de raya)
·         almuerzo: $15.000
·        cena: $15.000 (pargo, arroz de camarón, camarones al ajillo...)
·         langosta: $30.000
Ø  transporte:
·        Salida de Barranquilla a Rioacha en bus $50.000 por persona, Rioacha a el Cabo $70.000 por Persona en camioneta 4x4 con aire à $240.000 ida y vuelta
Ø Entretenimiento:
·        Juegos de mesa
·        Volley Playa
·         Snorkeling
Ø Adicionalmente:
·        Viajes al pilón, parque eolico, punta gallina
·        Pesca
·        Buceo (con previo aviso)

kite en el cabo de la vela

kite en el cabo de la vela

Windfinder Cabo de la Vela