How to get to Cabo de la vela

The best way to get to El Cabo de la Vela is to fly to Riohacha. From Riohacha transport is available to take you to El Cabo de la Vela. The two hour drive from Riohacha takes you through a unique semi-arid landscape of cactus forests that leads right up to the sea.

To Riohacha by Plane

Bogotá to Riohacha between $150.000 and $500.000 COP

Riohacha to Cabo de la Vela in 4×4

Private 4×4 – $350.000 COP one way at any time
Shared 4×4 (leaves 8am) – $60.000 COP per person (information hotel Castillo del Mar or call us)


To Riohacha by Bus

Bogotá: Bus to Riohacha or Maicao $70.000 – $150.000 COP
Cartagena: Puerta a Puerta to Riohacha $50.000 COP
Barranquilla: Puerta a Puerta to Riohacha $40.000 COP
Santa Marta: Puerta a Puerta to Riohacha $30.000 COP
Puerta a Puerta are Minivans. You can also catch a bus (they are cheaper) but they need 2-4 hours more than the minivans

From Riohacha to Cabo de la Vela in shared transport

Riohacha – Uribia: Public Shared Car – $17.000 COP (you will wait for the car to fill up)
Uribia – El Cabo de la Vela: Wayuu Pick-Ups $15.000 COP (last one leaves at 1pm, not on Sundays)


Happiness Hostel

Things to Remember



So you already know how to kite but can’t bring your equipment? We are a North Kiteboarding school and work with the equipment of the year. We have rental packages, or an hourly rate:
1 hour complete equipment: $80.000 COP
10 hours complete equipment: $700.000 COP
1 day complete equipment: $300.000 COP
For more information on equipment rental contact us :

Lear how to kite


El Cabo de la Vela offers one of the best beaches in the Guajira for practicing and learning this exciting water sport. Great weather and plenty of wind all year long, wide beaches of fine white sand, calm sea and wind conditions, constant heat throughout the day which makes this place, the Colombian North Coast, a perfect place to learn to kite in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. With over 15 years of experience in the world of kiting, our school has a team of instructors with extensive experience in the practice and teaching of the sport. We also have a beach area designated and signposted for safe practice. We work with the best kite brands, including Cabrinha and North Kiteboarding.

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kite en el cabo de la vela

kite en el cabo de la vela

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